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Look for these reviews in the next week or so:
  • A Jihad for Love - A documentary following the lives of gay muslims. This is a topic that gets very little media attention, but I think is incredibly fascinating. LGBT rights are a major issue in our very open society. It should be interesting to see how countries like Iran, India, and Turkey handle the issue.
  • The Empire in Africa - This movie explores in depth issues raised in Blood Diamond. This was very much a hot-button issue when Blood Diamond was first released, but has since fallen off the map. This documentary was released 4 years ago. I plan on doing some independent research following this movie to get up-to-date on the issue. Look for a very long review soon!
I'm always interested in recommendations. If you have any suggestions, post a comment or send me a quick email.

Recently reviewed movies:
  • Frontline: Obama's Deal - This covers the process and deals that went into this years healthcare bill. I don't think there has been a topic that has been discussed so much without anyone really knowing what the specifics of the deal are. Frontline does little to explain the specifics of reform while completely ignoring the tea party influence and the pervasiveness of the lies spread on the issue. This really only covers the soap opera between politicans and lobbyists.
  • In Debt We Trust - A movie that predicted the current financial crisis. I also spent quite a bit of space ranting about the bankruptcy bill that was passed a few years ago. The movie is a good watch if haven't been keeping up with our economic system. If you have, it will probably come off as condescending.
  • How to Cook Your Life - A zen priest discusses the spiritual power of cooking. RUN! Avoid this movie at all costs!!!!
  • Food, Inc. - A very good movie about the state of commercial agriculture today. I highly recommend this movie. A few topics I discuss in the review are obesity, food recalls, and agricultural intellectual property.

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