Saturday, September 4

The Men Who Stare at Goats

The Men Who Stare At GoatsNetflix has been recommending that I watch The Men Who Stare At Goats for months now, so tonight I decided to give it a shot. It is based on a book by the same name and stars George Clooney (of course) and Ewan McGregor.

The basic premise is that a journalist whose life falls apart decides to go to Iraq in order to win his wife back. He meets a "super soldier jedi warrior" who was trained by the US military to have psychic and other paranormal powers. The point was to create a new military based on spreading 1960's style peace and love called the New Earth Army. As you can tell, the plot line is absolutely bizarre, even for George Clooney.

The movie claims that more of it is true that you would believe, which is incredibly creepy. It really is a very odd movie, mainly based on the commentary style, which I'm guessing is taken directly from the book. Despite its strangeness, the movie is still really funny. It also contains subtle commentary on the privatization of the Iraq war and the Bush administration's misguided Iraq policies. Overall it isn't for everyone, but for those with an open mind, I highly recommend it.

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